Blackfish Creek

Blackfish Creek is located in the town of Wellfleet on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Thousands of years ago, it was a open waterway cutting through the peninsula of Cape Cod quite near the tip. In 1828, the waterway was bridged. Now it is just a small creek winding through the salt marsh on the bayside, offering a spectacular vista from the state highway at sunset.

In 1885, 1500 pilot whales ("blackfish") were driven into the creek, stranded by the next ebb tide, and killed for profit. Each adult whale producing about a barrel of oil, the 1500 whales brought $14,000, which was divided up among some hundreds of men involved in the enterprise.

Latitude: 41d54m25s N (41.90694)
Longitude: 70d00m30s W (-70.00833)

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